Self Checkout Kiosk - Order and pay yourself

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Self Checkout Kiosk - Order and pay yourself

Vendomat AG Checkout Kiosk Screen Restaurant
Self Checkout Kiosk home screen

Fast and efficient processes are particularly important in the catering industry. One bottleneck is often staff - or more precisely, a lack of staff. Every restaurateur knows how difficult it currently is to fill vacancies in the business. That's why solutions are needed that eliminate bottlenecks even without additional personnel and relieve existing service staff. This is where our Self Checkout Kiosk comes into play.

The Self Checkout Kiosk is a self-service terminal and self-service checkout in one. The practical little column combines ordering and payment in self-mode. What otherwise has to be done by staff, the guest now takes into his own hands and even has a positive experience. The self-order terminal can be easily installed in any guest room and is ideally linked to a POS system. Of course, stand-alone solutions are also possible.

Self Checkout Kiosk - a term briefly explained!

The name "Self Checkout Kiosk" says it all. The word "kiosk" originally stood for a small sales pavilion, but in modern usage it also means point of sale. The English term "checkout" refers on the one hand to processes of checking, testing or selecting, and on the other hand to logging out and paying. And "self" refers to the self-service principle. There is no more succinct way to describe our digital ordering machine.

With the Self Checkout Kiosk, your guests can relax and select menus and beverages on a touchscreen, order and pay (contactless payment is even possible for orders of CHF 28/day or more). The advantages: the usual waiting times are eliminated and the service staff can concentrate fully on looking after guests or other tasks in the operational process. This ordering convenience pays off: through additional orders and more sales. Where ordering is easy and convenient, more orders are usually placed. And experience shows that the self-checkout kiosk quickly becomes a real magnet for guests.

In the best sense of the word - Easy Order Terminal

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Self Checkout Kiosk Order View

And that's how simple our Easy Order terminal works. The guest sees the gastronomic offer on a large, clear 22″ touchscreen and can select what they want by simply touching it. The process is just like using your own smartphone - with the difference that the self-checkout dashboard is much larger and therefore easier to use. The interface is designed to be particularly user-friendly. Operation is intuitive and is literally a "piece of cake".

The terminal uses a simple Android software solution. The system is easy to configure and you can design your offer as you wish and display it on the terminal. Displays in your corporate design with appealing images, logos and texts - no problem with the Self Checkout Kiosk. The system offers many additional services and deployment options, for example

  • QR code for collection
  • SMS to guest for pickup
  • Printer connection
  • Kitchen and drinks screen
  • Card payment by means of Worldline card terminal
  • Barcode scanner integration
  • Evaluation options

100 percent reliable - your guests will thank you!

And the best thing is - you can rely on this employee 100 percent. The Self Checkout Kiosk is on duty around the clock, 365 days a year, if needed. No more worries about staff shortages, last-minute staff absences or service congestion during rush hour times. Your guests will thank you - Vendomat makes it possible.

Are you interested and would like to know how to best implement the Self Checkout Kiosk at your site?

Contact us right away: +41 31 925 99 99 - we will be happy to advise you.

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