Card terminals - mobile payment is becoming increasingly popular

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Card terminals - mobile payment is becoming increasingly popular

Quick & easy payment at the table
Quick & easy payment at the table

The Swiss have long been considered a nation of cash payers. Just a few years ago, the majority of transactions involving purchases, visits to restaurants and cafés were carried out in cash. But cash is increasingly going out of fashion. Cashless payment is on the rise, and mobile payment in particular is the future.

For restaurant operators, it is all the more important to offer customers flexible payment options that cater to different payment preferences. Easy and convenient payment "as required" is an aspect of customer satisfaction that should not be underestimated. Vendomat was quick to adapt to the cashless trend. We offer catering businesses card terminals from well-known payment service providers that can be used not only for card payments but also for mobile payments.

Mobile payments - transactions quintupled in three years

But first a brief look at the facts. According to the "Swiss Payment Monitor 2022 - How does Switzerland pay?", only a good third of payments in face-to-face business are now made in cash; in 2019, the proportion was still over 50 percent. Presence business refers to purchases and consumption "on site" - typical for the hospitality industry. Particularly in Corona times, there was increased use of contactless cashless payment by card or smartphone. Card payments with debit or credit cards still account for nearly 54 percent of transactions today. Mobile payments have only reached a comparatively modest share of 7.6 percent. However, it has increased fivefold in the last three years.

Mobile payments are thus the fastest-growing payment method in brick-and-mortar business. The potential is enormous. More than 95 percent of the Swiss population owns a smartphone - the most important technical platform for mobile payments. A smartwatch - another option - is already owned by more than 25 percent. And it is not only younger guests from the digital native generation who are discovering the mobile form of payment for themselves. According to the survey, one in seven Swiss citizens now completely forgoes carrying cash "on the road" and relies only on card payments or mobile payments. As a consequence, restaurateurs who do not offer cashless payment options run the risk of losing guests and sales.

Card terminals on demand - with us you have the choice

Vendomat AG offers restaurant operators a wide range of solutions for cashless payments. All are characterized by reliable payment, high security standards, and fair cost models. There are no hidden costs. Here is an overview.

Lightspeed Payments

Lightspeed Payments is an integrated payment solution that enables fast cashless payments in conjunction with a digital POS system. Customers can pay their bill directly at the table via a payment terminal - with debit card, credit card or via mobile payment. Lightspeed Payments offers guests, restaurant operators and service staff many advantages:

  • No transaction limit is provided: good for high volume of guests and many transactions.
  • Tedious and error-prone typing by hand becomes superfluous. The automatic synchronization between card terminal and POS system makes it possible.
  • The solution is PCI-DSS compliant: guests are protected against fraud when making cashless payments.
  • All data is centralized in the POS system, with no additional monthly fees.


Various card terminal options are available under the Worldline brand:

  • Worldline Cash register integrated: in this solution, the card terminal is connected to the cash register and does not run autonomously. The advantages are similar to the offer Lightspeed Payments.
  • Worldline Standalone: Here, card terminals function autonomously without a cash register connection. The terminal stands "standalone" at the famous "point of sale" (POS). The advantage: you don't need a POS system that allows the integration of card terminals. Setting up the POS-independent card terminal is also particularly simple, as is its use.
  • Worldline Portable: Offers "portable" card terminals that enable cashless payments directly at the table.


SumUp is another payment service provider with various card terminals on offer. The aim is to provide the simplest possible digital payment solutions for smaller businesses. SumUp-Card terminals offer an inexpensive introduction to cashless payment with the most popular cards. Terminals are available as part of a cash register network or as stand-alone solutions.


Twint is a Swiss system for cashless payments and by far the leading mobile payment provider in Switzerland. Twint itself speaks of currently four million active users in the country and has recently even been able to expand its market share, while the number 2 Apple Pay has lost slightly. We offer various options for mobile payments via Twint - via QR code sticker, payment terminal or integrated into a POS system.

Let your customers/clients pay their way!

Anyone who wants to make cashless payments via mobile payments possible over and above a classic credit card terminal is therefore literally "spoilt for choice". However, with our help, this should not be difficult for you. We will advise you on the best solution for your business - taking into account the technical conditions at the cash register and with regard to the greatest possible efficiency and customer-friendliness. Let your customers pay their way. With our card terminals this is no problem. We are sure: cashless or mobile payment will pay off for you!

Contact us right away: +41 31 925 99 99 - we will be happy to advise you.

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