Card terminals

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Lightspeed Payments Card terminal

Let your customers pay their way. No hidden costs, no set-up fees. Fast and reliable payments directly from your POS system. 

Worldline Standalone card terminals

A simple, stationary payment terminal is often enough for small businesses. Plug in the cable - and your customers can pay immediately by card, smartphone or smartwatch.

The setup is uncomplicated and the payment process is quick and convenient.

Desk/5000 Compact

YOMANI Touch XR Compact

YOMANI Touch XR Autonomous

Worldline Cash register-integrated card terminals

An integrated card terminal can be easily integrated into your existing checkout infrastructure.

For example, with our iPad checkout system, and offers maximum efficiency - even with a large number of customers.

Lane/5000 Pinpad

Worldline Portable card terminals

A mobile card terminal offers you maximum flexibility and allows you to pay directly at the table.

Move/5000 Portable

Twint Direct payment via smartphone

With TWINT you have the option of processing payments simply and effectively. Whether directly via the cash register integration, the connection to a card terminal or the use of the QR code sticker .

Cash system

Card terminal

QR code sticker

Contact us. Together we will find the right card terminal for you and your business.

Also directly via phone +41 31 925 99 99

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