Online support

Instructions for Teamviewer Quicksupport Windows & macOS

This is how easy it is to install the remote maintenance software (TeamViewer QuickSupport) on Windows & macOS:
  1. To download the software click the Download TeamViewer QuickSupport button.
  2. Start TeamViewer QuickSupport from the download folder.
  3. If you receive a security warning, click "Yes" or "Continue" at this point.
  4. Confirm the disclaimer.
  5. The following screen will appear with your personal ID and an associated password.

Example preview


By using TeamViewer QuickSupport and verbally passing on your ID and the corresponding password, you agree that a connection between your device and Vendomat is established via the server of the company TeamViewer AG, Bahnhofsplatz 2, 73033 Göppingen. Vendomat obtains direct access to your device via this program. We cannot guarantee the security of data transmission on the Internet.