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We from Zweifel Chips were able to enjoy a super training and are looking forward to the first operations with our new cash register!



We are very happy with the decision to have the new Vendomat iPad POS system installed. Very strong! We especially enjoyed the support, professionalism, patience and solutions to any problem during the installation phase and during the implementation of the processes.



Uncomplicated and intuitive checkout solution. Always friendly, professional and fast support. Easy data entry and management. We are very happy with our decision to work with Vendomat AG ! Many thanks



Very friendly and competent, great service. We look forward to continued good cooperation.


"ACH GOTT an iPad as a cash register".

"ACH GOTT an iPad as a cash register". These were the first words that Astrid M. thought when she stood in front of the sales counter on her first day at work. "I have nothing to do with this modern technology". Today I must say, everything has become so easy with it, I have had very positive experiences. "The customers find the iPadMini as a customer display, the large font very pleasant" says Alessandra C. who is about half as young as Astrid M. "I already know the iPhone, so even without training I immediately found my way with the iPad cash register at the sales counter". They are the first contact when you enter the Rüebliland Kafi, where you can buy fresh bread, fine confectionery and tasty sandwiches from the generous display. If you turn left in the store, you come to the coffee bistro. Cornelia M. serves coffee here. "On August 1, 2016, when we opened, it was a challenge to get everything under control, from the processes to the handling. But on the very same day, the advantages of the networked solution became apparent." All service staff (up to 3 at a time) have on them a mobile cash register iPadMini and a
card terminal. "I save a lot of walking, I can order at the table and collect directly with the card terminal". In other businesses where I worked before, we just had to lug around a huge, clunky thing of card terminal and here this is light and small and it has one for everyone. It's already a huge relief." The Rüebliland Kafi has a store, next to it the bistro with 50 seats and a beautiful pergola garden with 80 seats. The service staff can work mobile in all areas. Cornelia M. comes back beaming and would like to emphasize her experience with the iPad cash registers: It is much clearer, it makes work easier and it is a pleasure to work with it. Mrs. Martina Nolle Gerantin also confirms that all employees from "young to old" are enthusiastic about the iPad POS system.

Rüebliland Kafi Wohlen
Bünzstrasse 8, 5610 Wohlen
Tel. +41 56 610 90 90

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