"Ristorante Luce in Bern says: "The system is really sensational and saves us a lot of time and effort."

In this video, we give you an insight into the digitalization of Ristorante Luce in Bern through our POS system. Find out first-hand how targeted digitization has optimized operational processes and saved paper. One year after the introduction, we hear about their positive experiences and the noticeable changes brought about by the innovative POS solution. You can also read a detailed blog post about this reference at ➡️ HERE.

Digitalization at Ristorante Luce in Bern - a successful customer reference from Vendomat.

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We have been working with the Lightspeed POS system at Robi's Café since March 2024. The introduction worked without any problems! Many thanks to the Vendomat team for the great, always very friendly and helpful support!!!



We are very happy with the decision to have the new Vendomat iPad POS system installed. Very strong! We especially enjoyed the support, professionalism, patience and solutions to any problem during the installation phase and during the implementation of the processes.


Cash system

Uncomplicated and intuitive checkout solution. Always friendly, professional and fast support. Easy data entry and management. We are very happy with our decision to work with Vendomat AG !



We have been working with Vendomat and Lightspeed for years. They provide very professional support and assistance with troubleshooting. Highly recommended.


An iPad as a cash register: a modern relief at Rüebliland Kafi

"Oh GOD an iPad as a cash register." These were the first words Astrid M. thought to herself when she stood in front of the sales counter on her first day at work. "I have nothing to do with this modern technology." Today I have to say that everything has become so easy, I've had very positive experiences." 

The benefits for customers and employees

"Customers find the large font on the iPadMini as a customer display very pleasant," says Alessandra C., who is about half as young as Astrid M. "I already know the iPhone, so I immediately found my way around the iPad till at the sales counter, even without any training." They are the first people you meet when you come into Rüebliland Kafi, where you can buy fresh bread, fine confectionery and tasty sandwiches from the generous display.

Increased efficiency in service

If you turn left in the store, you come to the coffee bistro. This is where Cornelia M. "When we opened on August 1, 2016, it was quite a challenge to get everything under control, from the processes to the handling. But the advantages of the networked solution became apparent on the same day. All service staff (up to 3 at a time) have a mobile iPadMini till and a card terminal. I save an enormous amount of walking, can order at the table and also cash in directly with the card terminal."

Comfort and flexibility

"In other companies where I worked before, we just had to lug around a huge, clunky card terminal and here it's light and small and there's one for everyone. It's a huge relief." The Rüebliland Kafi has a store, an adjoining bistro with 50 seats and a beautiful pergola garden with 80 seats. The service staff can work on the move in all areas. Cornelia M. comes back beaming and would like to emphasize her experience with the iPad cash registers: It's much clearer, it makes work easier and is a pleasure to work with. Ms. Martina Nolle Gerantin also confirms that all employees from "young to old" are enthusiastic about the iPad checkout system.

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