digital cash receipts

Why digital cash receipts?

At a time when sustainability and efficiency are becoming increasingly important, we want to show you how using digital cash receipts can improve your workflow while making it more environmentally friendly.


3 good reasons for the digital till receipt

Never print on environmentally harmful thermal paper again.

For warranty cases, exchanges or returns, no fading, no losing.

Helps the accounting department to fill out and forward hospitality receipts directly.

How does the digital receipt work?

After the payment process, the receipt is automatically digitized. The receipt is shown on a customer display on the cash register or on the waiter's tablet or smartphone. Your guest decides whether he wants to receive it by e-mail or scan it himself with his own smartphone via QR code.


No extra app needed

Another advantage of the digital receipt is that your guest does not need an app, so no registration. Quickly and easily scan with a smartphone camera and open in the browser. The receipt can be saved or forwarded.

Contact us. We will be happy to recommend the best way to use the digital receipt.

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