Vintage style cash register

Discover the charm of vintage style cash register

Experience the charm of times gone by and give your business that certain something with a unique cash register. Our carefully selected and restored cash registers from the 1920s are truly unique and add a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your business.

Modern technology with retro look

Despite their vintage look, our cash registers are equipped with the latest technology to meet today's requirements. We integrate our POS system into every Vintage Style cash register, which offers you a choice of different iPad models to perfectly adapt the cash register to your individual needs. An anti-theft device also provides additional security, and a thermal printer can be built into the cash register if desired.

The eye catcher for your business

Give your store that special charm of yesteryear with a vintage style cash register and attract the attention of your customers.

Invest in a unique ambience

Our offer starts from a price of CHF 2'500 (excl. VAT) plus devices like iPad, printer and co. Invest in a retro cash register and create a unique ambience in your store!

The original may differ from the pictures below, each piece is unique.

Contact us. together we will find the right POS system solution for you and your business.

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