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Guest call

As important as queues may be, they are just as unnecessary and nerve-wracking for your guests. Since our radio pagers have a very high range (up to 5km), you give your customers the freedom to visit a pub, roam your facility or even make a personal call during the necessary waiting time. In addition to enthusiastic guests, you also benefit from the highest product quality and a manageable cost by using the guest paging system.
Your customers or guests each receive a pager whose identification number is assigned to a table or guest number on the cash register. The guest receives the drinks and can choose a seat in total relaxation. As soon as the goods have been produced, the service employee or kitchen staff can request the guest to collect the goods via the transmitter by entering the pager number. The pager is placed on the collection station and automatically loaded.

Waiter call

Our KELLNER RUF informs the service about orders that are ready to be picked up in the kitchen, helping to serve your guests faster. "Replaces the bell" at the passport Your service does not have to keep checking at the pass, but can fully rely on the vibrating pager on the belt and thus has more time for the guests due to the reduced distances and can additionally be sure not to forget any order.

Table Tracker | for combined Self Service

Grow your business with Table Tracker!

For combined self-service restaurants with the following scenario.

  1. The guest orders and pays for food and drinks at the counter.
  2. The guest will be given a table tracker.
  3. The guest takes his drinks and chooses any seat.
  4. As soon as the food is served, the service consults the diegital order list on a tray or screen and sees where the guest is or at which table the guest is sitting.
  5. The service delivers directly to the guest. The assignment is made exactly per table - the service knows immediately where to deliver the order. No wandering around and no shouting out in the guest room!

Our Table Tracker works without electricity and connectionless at the table.
The technology of the Table Tracker convinces! It is weatherproof and works even in sub-zero temperatures. Thus, it is also suitable for outdoor use.

The RF-ID function also has various installation options - work with us to find the solution that best suits you!

Selfservice Tabletracker of the Vendomat AG in service

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