CASH SYSTEM Café and Bistro

Efficient management for your café or bistro with our cash register system

With our cash register system, organizing your café or bistro becomes child's play. Numerous well-known cafés such as the "Kaffeehaus Dreiherzen" or the "Bicerin" already swear by our system. The cash register system offers simple and intuitive operation, enables efficient operation and individual adaptation to the needs of your café or bistro.

Employee relief through simple ordering processes

The efficient operation of the POS system relieves your employees. The comprehensible order taking and processing enables them to respond to customer requests quickly and easily. The mobile cash register also allows your service staff to take orders directly at the table without having to run back to the counter. This saves time and makes the work of your staff easier.


Keeping an overview with the interactive dashboard

The interactive dashboard allows you to tailor reports to your café or bistro. This means you can keep track of occupancy and sales figures at all times from any location.

Efficient operation for smooth workflows

The POS system offers not only an interactive dashboard, but also intuitive operation, as already mentioned. This enables each of your employees to take and process orders quickly and easily, both in front of and behind the counter. The operation is designed in such a way that even temporary staff can use the system immediately. Individual adaptation to the needs of your café or bistro ensures even more efficient operation.