Successful Igeho 2023: Focus on digital gastronomy innovations and creativity

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Focus on digital gastronomy innovations and creativity

At this year's Igeho, we presented our latest product innovations, which not only make work processes in the food service industry more efficient, but also contribute to environmental protection. A particular highlight was the introduction of paperless options, such as kitchen screens and digital receipts on the Lightspeed POS system.

Digital revolution in the kitchen: the power of kitchen screens

The latest Kitchen Screens revolutionize processes in the kitchen by digitally optimizing the layout for chef, pizza, hot food and service. This solution not only means a reduction in paper consumption, but also efficient organization that ensures no orders get lost in hectic kitchen situations.

Vendomat stand from the outside
Kitchen screens on special moto table
digital cash receipt (instead of expression)

Fast and self-determined ordering: QR Ordering at the table

Another highlight is QR ordering at the table, which allows guests to order and pay independently without having to wait for long periods of time.

Increasing efficiency and reducing staff: focus on self-checkout kiosks

Through the implementation of self-checkout kiosks with different options, such as assembling burgers or quickly scanning items à la farm store, not only minimizes waiting times, but also reduces the workload on staff.

We are delighted that our innovations met with great interest and led to direct deals and exciting projects for the future. A big thank you to all visitors for their positive feedback on our unique stand - be it on our style or our appearance.

Our team designed our trade fair presence with a great deal of creativity. The special tables, which our team welded by hand, were particularly praised by the visitors. The detailed selection of parts, be it the unique floral decorations (which we also designed entirely ourselves), the fascinating motorcycle design or the original car snout, underlines our passion for creativity and individuality.

Latest leather bag, also available in orange, pink, blue or classic black.
(Part of) the best team
Vintage style cash register on special Citroën table

Special thanks go to Tomexpo for the first-class support and the construction of our stand. We appreciate the support of Lightspeed, who are in the team picture. A big thank you also goes to Design in Leder. With their help, we have jointly created stylish leather bags for the service.

Our trade fair team deserves great praise for their outstanding commitment, as do Lightspeed, Ordermonkey and Prognolite for their successful collaboration. Together we ensured an impressive appearance and look forward to the further opportunities and challenges that the future holds.

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